The case study of our Founder

Ben had a great result here but individual responses to treatment may vary.

Our earliest success story

Our first success story and a large part of the reason why Hair Fitness got started is that of our Founder, Ben. Like many men in their early 30's he hadn't put much thought into hair loss, it was a problem other people had and besides his father still had a full head of hair so why worry? His finance had mentioned a couple of times that he was looking a little thin on top but he'd brushed those concerns aside. That was until the evidence became too strong to ignore, the straw that broke the camel's back was a photo from his wedding, clearly showing how much hair he had lost on the crown of his head.

The hardest step is the first

Once he had admitted to himself that this was a real problem the hardest step was the first, reaching out and finding safe effective treatment. You can see how much damage had been done while he'd been ignoring the problem in this pre-treatment photo below.

Ben pre-treatment photo

By the time he had sought treatment Ben had all the classic signs of Male Pattern Hair Loss across the top of this head and was well on this way to balding. An early estimate is that he had lost over 60% of the hair.

Fortunately for him, he started and stuck to a twice-daily treatment routine with Minoxidil.

Halting the thinning in its tracks

After 3 months of treatment, his hair responded well to the minoxidil. The only side effect he noticed was a slight itchiness which subsided after the first few days.  As you can see from his progress photo by acting and getting on top of the problem he had nipped it in the bud.

Ben after 3 months

By the end of month 3, his hair loss has been stopped in its tracks and regrowth is apparent.

Regrowth and repair

It took 6 months to repair most of the damage to Ben's hair. In that time he grew very used to the treatment routine, to the point it became automatic and only took a few seconds a day. The early regrowth visible towards the front of the scalp at month 3 had now spread towards the top of the crown as well.

Ben at 6 months

Ben has maintained his hair to this day (although it is a little greyer now) by using Minoxidil in a twice-daily healthy routine, he has also recently added in our ketoconazole shampoo for added insurance.

Catching the problem and dealing with it

This success story is a great example of catching hair loss before it is too advanced and rolling back the loss with Minoxidil in a regular routine. After seeing so many other men and women struggling with hair loss following this experience and being appalled at the poor quality information and dubious products available Ben decided to do something about it and Hair FItness was born.

Disclaimer: Individual responses to treatment vary by individual due to various differences including but not limited too, the age of hair loss onset, the severity of the hair loss at the start of treatment and scalp sensitivity to the treatment package. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.