More Than Half Of Men Will Experience Hair Loss.

But we have safe, effective treatments that you can use to get on top of thinning.

The power of routine

The key to treating thinning hair is to get into a healthy effective routine early. A healthy routine uses clinically proven easy to apply products in the morning and evening to stop the loss and help you get on top of your hair. Stopping hair loss in its tracks only takes a few seconds a day using our great value clinically proven treatments conveniently delivered free right to your door. You can buy treatments one off or using a convenient subscription. There are no contracts and no hidden costs, you can pause, change or cancel your treatment course at any time.

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Combination therapy

We have extensively researched and identified products that strike at the root causes of hair loss. Our treatments attack thinning from different angles so they can be used used together to give thinning a one two punch and keep your hair fit and healthy. By combining a twice daily application of minoxidil spray and switching out your shampoo for one containing ketoconazole it only takes a few moments a day to fight hair loss. Studies show that when it comes to hair loss one plus one really does equal more than two. 

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By combining clinically proven treatments into a regular routine

Male hereditary hair-loss can be successfully treated in the privacy of your own home

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